Certified Community Health Worker (CCHW) Training

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What is a Community Health Worker?

  • CCHW’s serve as a link between a community and its health and social service systems.
  • CCHW’s improve access to and delivery of health services.
  • CCHW’s build capacity for individuals and families to promote their own health and well-being.
  • CCHW’s refer to people otherwise known as an outreach worker, health promoter, health representative, patient navigator and many other titles.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals who wish to pursue a career as a Certified Community Health Worker and enter the healthcare and social service arena.
  • Providers of healthcare who wish to certify staff as Community Health Workers increasing access to health services and decreasing hospital readmissions.

This 40 hour course certifies students to work in the health field assisting medical staff, emergency responders and community health efforts.

  • $1,500 course fee includes instruction materials (books and student manual), registration, examination, certificate fees and 1 year INCHWA membership
  • Students are responsible for lunches, travel and lodging (if applicable)

Please complete our online form to inquire about Certified Community Health Worker Training or call 219-844-2698 Ext. 102



The Certified Community Health Worker Training prepares individuals to function as a bridge between communities and health and social services systems. The Training consists of a 40-hour curriculum that focuses on the roles and competencies of CCHWs.


The participants will learn how to:

  • Assess community health care needs
  • Make referrals to appropriate providers
  • Implement programs that promote, maintain and improve individual and community health.


Upon completion of the training the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. State Certification is dependent upon completion of a qualifying exam.


Certification requirements:

  1. Application Process
  2. Completion of the 40-hour Curriculum
  3. Passing the Certification Exam

Community Health Worker Information

“A Community Health Worker (CHW) is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of and/or has an unusually close understanding of the community served. This trusting relationship enables the CHW to serve as a liaison between health/social services and the community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery.

A community health worker also builds individual and community capacity by increasing health knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of activities such as outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support and advocacy."

American Public Health Association’s definition of CHWs



  • As of March 1, 2017, HealthVisions Midwest is accredited by INCHWA as a Premiere Training Provider for CCHWs.
  • As of July, 2007, the Provider Taxonomy of the National Uniform Claims Committee has a provider code for CHWs which can be used in fee-for-service claims systems.
  • Standard Occupational Classification 21-1094

Role & Core Competencies


  • Defining Roles, Advocacy and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Professionalism
  • Introduction to Public Health
  • CCHW Core Competencies
  • Communication Skills
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Customer service in health care
  • Goal setting with Clients
  • Confidentiality and HIPPA
  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Client-Centered Counseling for Behavior Change
  • Stress Management
  • Working with Groups and communities
  • Emergency Preparedness


The Community Health Worker can be found in various settings of community healthcare and is known by many titles:

  • Community Health Educator
  • Health Advocate
  • Home Visitor
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Navigator
  • Peer Advisor
  • Promotor(a) de Salud
  • And Others...



  1. A link to the online 3-hour exam will be sent, via email, to the Applicant.
  2. The study guide can be used while taking the test.
  3. You must take the exam within 10 days of the time the study guide is first accessed.
  4. A score of 85% or higher is needed for passing.
  5. The Applicant will receive notification of certification within 30 days of submitting the exam.
  6. Upon passing, the Applicant will receive a Certificate of Certification, via mail, from HealthVisions Midwest and a one year membership to INCHWA. (Included in the Examination Fee)


Refund Policy
Refunds will be given according to one of the below conditions.

  • Participant cancels at least two weeks prior to the training (a $25 processing fee will be charged). No refunds will be given if a cancellation occurs within 14 days of the training.
  • Participant cannot attend due to illness, and a physician’s statement accompanies a written request for a refund.
  • HealthVisions Midwest cancels the training. In this case, registrants will be notified and refunds given.

Contact for Questions
If you have any questions about the training, please contact Raquel Castro at 219-844-2698 or at rcastro@hvusa.org.

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