MultiCultural Outreach

Multicultural Outreach

Bienvenido Program

HealthVisions of Fort Wayne

The Bienvenido Program is a prevention intervention program that increases access to mental health services, improves mental health and quality of life for Latino immigrants. It provides a caring and supportive environment where individuals can achieve their full potential, give and receive respect, develop personal responsibility and self-determination. Latino immigrants are a guided to acknowledge and understand the trauma they suffered during immigration.

The program seeks to reduce alcohol and drug use, to increase access to and use of mental health services and to increase a sense of belonging and participation in the community. The Bienvenido curriculum is a 9-week strengths-based mental health educational curriculum.

Medical Interpreters

HealthVisions of Fort Wayne provides Medical Translation and Medical Interpretation in Spanish only. These services are provided free to the poor and underserved Latino populations who have limited English language skills.