Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (D.E.E.P)

Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (DEEP)

HealthVisions of Fort Wayne

Lead: Peggy Hayes

This program utilizes trained community health workers as diabetes educators and is aimed at reducing diabetes mortality and morbidity and related complications. The program consists of two components: 1) The Training of Trainers Program and 2) The Diabetes Patient Education Program.

The Training of Trainers Program is a 20-hour workshop that stresses the development of skills and knowledge related to diabetes by using interactive group activities and adults education methodologies recommended in the curriculum. The original intent was to train health promoters with the basic skills and knowledge to become effective diabetes educators. However due to public demand, the program has been modified to train community health professionals who want to obtain an update on diabetes and /or learn education techniques for patients with a low level of health literacy within a cultural framework.

The Diabetes Patient Education Program is implemented by trained health promoters in 8-10 weekly sessions. These sessions present to the Patient the content of the educational curriculum with the necessary knowledge and skills for diabetes self-management.