Mission in Action

Monday, 02 April 2012 11:15

2012-04-02 N-MillerUsually, when we think of our "mission in action", we think of the many clients we are serving. Sometimes our greatest ministry is to our very own staff. This past year, we have had a great example of living the mission by helping and praying for Nureya Miller who is a senior accountant here at HVM office in Hammond. Last year, Nureya was diagnosed with breast cancer. She gallantly endured months of chemo and then surgery. During that time, a number of staff donated their PTO days to her so she would not lose her pay. Others in the finance department stepped up to help her with some of her work. She, on the other hand in spite of weakness and illness, continued to do her work at home whenever possible. Lately, she would even come into the office after hours to do some work. She always has a positive attitude and a ready smile. Our prayers go out to Nureya as she continues to heal.