Mission Moment

Thursday, 22 March 2012 00:00

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily activities that we forget why we do the ministry that we do. Last Friday God decided to send a reminder to help me keep perspective. I was sitting at my desk and heard someone ask if I was in the office. I was told that someone wanted to see me. To my surprise it was one of our seniors that we provide transportation for medical appointments. She had asked the volunteer driver who just happened to be my husband to bring her by the office because she wanted to see me and thank us for being there when she needed a ride several years earlier. She wanted to thank us for the work that we do because she said she really needed it and we had been there each time she needed to go for her appointments in St. Louis. She said that there would not have been any other way for her to get to the doctor had we not been able to take her. She gave me a great big hug and we both laughed. I was very surprised to see her. We chatted for a few minutes and she updated me about her current medical condition and said she would be sure to give a donation by the end of the month. She reminded me that we will have to hold it until the third of the month when she gets her check but she wanted to make sure that she donated because we had been so good to her. Before she left, she again gave me a great BIG hug and I gave her one too. It was so good to see her again and she blessed me by sharing how grateful she was for the ministry.

That same day I received a call from a senior who is 80 years old and had registered for transportation but had not used it. She asked to speak to me and talked a long time about how important the ministry was to her and other seniors in the community. She said we just did not know how difficult it is for seniors to get around in the community for transportation services to the doctor. She thanked me over and over again for the ministry being here. She said that she knew a man who was 91 years old and was blind that needed to go to the VA in St. Louis and had actually gone blind because he could not get transportation there to keep his appointments. She wanted to know if we could help him and I assured her that we could. She was thankful and said that she was going to see if she could have a friend come by her house to pick up a $5 donation to give us just for being here for other seniors. We talked for a long time and she told me about her life in the area. I realized that she not only needed transportation, but just someone to talk to and listen to her. After she had said all she wanted to that day, she said, I’ll let you get back to your work.” She didn’t realize I had been doing my work all along while I listened to her.

These are just two reminders of why we do what we do. Sometimes we need reminders. I thank God for these two angels He sent to remind me. I wanted to share with you because I know you have angels to. Sometimes we may fail to realize who they are and how important their calls and visits are. At times we may even see them as interruptions. But for those of us who are in ministry to serve God’s people, these reminders and moments of reflection are so important.

Paula E. Wills, LCSW
HV East St. Louis