Mother’s Appreciate Support Group

2012-02-22-Mothers-AppreciateOn Thursday December 22, 2011 the REACH/Alcance Program’s Mother Support Group held their Annual Christmas party. The mothers were presented with many gifts sponsored by Manage Health Services, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and HealthVisions Midwest. Each Mother learned about “Stress Management” by Nurse and Health Educator Maria Zendejas of Healthy Start in East Chicago. The Mothers enjoyed a potluck lunch and also received a lesson in Zumba to help with stress management.


Women who are pregnant have a long list of stressors, from first trimester morning sickness to third trimester swollen ankles. This is in addition to the emotional stress of preparing to add a new little person to the family and all the changes brought about in the life of an individual, in the life of a relationship, and in the life of a family. The REACH/Alcance Program provided them with Prenatal Classes during the Holiday Season.