Living a Healthy Life

2012-02-22-Living-a-Healthy-LifeEast St. Louis completed its third “Living a Healthy Life-Live Well, Be Well Workshop” Thursday, October 6, 2011. The site for the workshop was Pilgrim Temple CME Church located at 1800 Trendley Avenue in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Living a Healthy Life is a six week education workshop series for adults living with a chronic condition. The Patient Education Research Center at Stanford University developed the program to help people with chronic conditions gain self-confidence in their ability to manage their health. The sessions provided information about issues related to a variety of conditions – diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma, arthritis, emphysema and many others.


We are proud to report that thirteen participants including Pastor Hattie Loving Smith completed the workshop and received certificates of completion. The participants were very eager to learn different ways to manage their chronic conditions and showed it by their attendance and completing their “actions plans” each week. By the end of the workshop participants reported improvement in their mobility, lowering of their blood pressure and blood sugar, weight loss from changing eating habits and exercise.

Participants who completed the Living a Healthy Life-Live Well, Be Well at St. Augustine Church had their six month reunion. The participants shared their success stories in how they continue to use the self-management tools learned in the workshop. Members reported they lost anywhere from 10 to 26 pounds, lowered their blood pressure and blood sugars and had an overall improvement in their general health. Their physicians were very pleased with their progress and encouraged them to continue using the tools. Another reunion is planned in six months and members renewed their commitment to improve self-management of their chronic condition.

Sponsors and cooperating partners include Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois, St. Louis Area Agency on Aging and HealthVisions of East St. Louis.