Diaper Bank space and volunteers needed!

baby-diapers   Ahealthy change of diapers costs at least $100 per month. Approximately 2,700 babies are born into poverty every day in America.

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Diaper Bank space and volunteers needed!

Those living in poverty and crisis share a basic, primary need – DIAPERS.  This is a critical issue for vulnerable newborns and infants who are unable to help themselves.

The impoverished mother who could only afford to change her baby’s diaper twice a day had to resort to emptying and using the same diaper again.

Designate your church, temple, place of worship, or organization as a resource for diapers that are collected, stored and distributed – not directly to individuals, but to charitable, partnering agencies that have already identified and processed the people in need.

To learn how you can volunteer and be a site for the diaper bank in Northwest Indiana, contact Sr. Annemarie Kampwerth, PHJC, at HealthVisions: (219) 844-2698 or
Thank you.