Volunteer Spotlight

2011-03-21-Johnnie-ConradMs. Johnnie Conrad has been a volunteer for the Faith in Action to Serve and Transform (FAST) Ministry more than four years. FAST assigned Ms. Conrad to a senior who is now 96 years old in October 2006 for friendly visits. They quickly became friends after their first meeting. Soon after Ms. Conrad was assigned to the senior she had to go out of town. FAST called the senior to see if she wanted another volunteer to visit her. She quickly said no and told us that she would wait for “Conrad.”Ms. Conrad visits the senior each week and they sit and talk or do whatever the senior wants to do. When Ms. Conrad goes out of town and is unable to make the visits, she calls the senior to check on her. Sometimes the senior wants to get out of the house so Ms. Conrad will take her for a ride or they may go out to lunch to eat. Whatever the senior wants to do, Ms. Conrad is there for her. Ms. Conrad is committed to making a difference in the life of her friend who is old enough to be her mother. The love Ms. Conrad shows to the senior is shared by the senior. The senior no longer feels isolated and lonely and she knows that somebody cares including God through the ministry of Ms. Conrad. This is the love and compassion that Christ expects us to show and we all can learn from the example of Ms. Conrad. FAST and the senior are so blessed to have Ms. Conrad as a volunteer. Mrs. Conrad is a member of St. Augustine of HIPPO Catholic Church. She seeks not only to help the FAST seniors but others in the community that she can help make a difference in their lives. To that end, FAST would like to commend and spotlight Johnnie Conrad as our volunteer.

FAST is always looking for volunteers like Ms. Conrad. THANK GOD FOR MS. CONRAD!!!

2011-03-21-Johnnie-Conrad-2If you know a senior who can benefit from FAST, please tell them about us or call FAST and make a referral. We want to help seniors remain healthy in their homes and reduce their isolation and loneliness. You can help us. Be a volunteer for FAST and visit or call a senior weekly. Or volunteer to drive seniors to the doctor, therapy, or store. If you can’t volunteer, you can make a tax deductible donation to FAST to help support this ministry that the Lord called for in our community. A $10 donation will help transport a senior to the doctor in our area to help them remain healthy. A $25 donation will provide transportation to Saint Louis for medical care. We welcome all donations. Send donations to 4700 State Street Ste 4, East St. Louis, IL 62205. For more information contact FAST at 271-7000.

Yours in Christ.

Paula E. Wills

This is not my work. This is God’s Work